Teacher Employment Register

Teacher Employment Register

More teachers are looking to teach in Steiner schools

There has been growing interest from teachers choosing to attain Steiner education qualifications.

The University of the Sunshine Coast Graduate Certificate in Steiner Education in 2021 had the highest enrolments of any Graduate Certificate Course offered at the university with most enrolments coming from those new to Steiner education. The Steiner teaching online courses offered at the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Seminar – in early childhood, primary and high school – are extremely popular. The Rudolf Steiner College is Sydney has also experienced increase in interest in the primary teaching certificate and early childhood course, and in 2022 is offering a foundation course for high school teaching.

Steiner schools honour the professional wisdom of teachers and there is a high value placed on a teacher’s creativity, ongoing development and connection to a holistic, integrated curriculum which is purposefully adapted to time and place.

Steiner education focuses the higher educational purpose of education, beyond standardised test scores. It is a vision of educating children to become healthy, purposeful, and creative adults who go into the world looking to foster a healthy, just society.

Steiner Education Australia is a national association/peak body representing over 50 Steiner/Waldorf schools and 16 Associate members throughout the states and territories of Australia. Each organisation is independent, but Steiner Education Australia provides a national voice to promote and support Steiner education in Australia.

To support teachers looking for work in Steiner schools and schools looking for teachers, SEA has set up the Teacher Employment Register. Teachers interested in teaching in an Australian Steiner School can register their details on this secure site.

For more information, please contact [email protected] or visit https://steinereducation.edu.au/event_category/teacher-education-courses/

For more information about Steiner education please visit www.steinereducation.edu.au

Click here to see the recent Australian Graduate Outcomes Research Project Report: https://steinereducation.edu.au/resources/australian-graduate-outcomes-research-project-report/