The Alice Springs Steiner School: Autumn Fair



The Alice Springs Steiner School’s Autumn Fair was on the 25th of May. It was an enormous success, drawing over 3000 visitors to the school grounds. Blessed with sunny weather, the Fair was a vibrant celebration filled with joy, laughter, and a strong sense of community.


The day was filled with activities and attractions that catered to all age groups. The Lawn Sale was bustling with people finding treasures, while the Big Kids Games kept older children entertained with a variety of fun challenges. School and Garden Tours provided visitors with a deeper insight into the school’s educational philosophy and beautiful grounds. While the Little Children’s Activities area was busy with our youngest children engaging in delightful crafts and games.

Our Fair was enlivened by special performances from talented artists such as Dave Crowe, Gleny Rae, and Harshini Bartlett, whose music created a wonderful atmosphere. The success of the event was also reflected in the financial support it garnered, raising close to $35,000. A portion of these funds is earmarked for improving the school’s preschool facilities, ensuring that our youngest students have an even better start to their educational journey.

Memorable moments from the day included seeing countless happy children with their faces painted, holding toffee apples, and enjoying the various attractions. Their smiles and laughter truly captured the spirit of the fair and the essence of childhood celebration.

Feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive. Many remarked on the beauty and warmth of the day, praising the unique feel each fair brings due to the dedication of our coordinators. The school grounds looked stunning, and everything ran smoothly, a testament to the hard work of everyone involved, particularly Class 4.

In conclusion, this year’s Autumn Fair was not just a fundraising triumph but a heart-warming community event that showcased the spirit and togetherness of The Alice Springs Steiner School. Congratulations to all who contributed to making it such a memorable day.

Thank you, Mparntwe/Alice Springs, for your support, for coming out and spending the day with us!