The GAP Project

Sydney Rudolf Steiner College presents The GAP Project, a new 2018 course.

The GAP Project is a six-month program for young people who want to discover themselves, engage meaningfully in society, and use their talents and passions to create change and be part of initiatives that have a positive social, cultural and environmental impact.

This program is offered to young people (18-28):

  • who are seeking to engage the world meaningfully and morally;
  • who want to find their passions particular talents;
  • who want to know how they can make a difference in the world;
  • and who want to learn what it takes to be entrepreneurial and develop an initiative.

The GAP project will help school leavers and young people from Australia and overseas find themselves and be part of a shared experience with others of a similar age. Participants will be exposed to professionals, artists and activists who are making a positive contribution to society.  

The three areas that the GAP Project focusses on – technology, environment and social life – allow us to observe and understand what is actually happening and develop an alternative and contemporary worldview, with hope for the future.  We can explore how this worldview affects our identity and our connection with the world around us.

Our approach is to become more active creators of our journey, our values and deeds:

  • explore and create a deeper understanding of the world and ourselves and the values that direct our actions
  • cultivate an artistic way of perceiving that penetrates the surface and catalyses change
  • recognize that collaborative working helps bring out talents and ideas in each other for the greater good.
  • found and support initiatives in various social, cultural and environmental areas;

Throughout the course, participants will research exemplar projects, meet with the people who have started such initiatives, work through smaller and larger projects and discover how everyone is able to activate their full potential in the world by being part of ‘social impact’ initiatives. This is supported by workshops that will provide participants with the foundations to understand our own path. Artistic expression weaves through the program to take hold of and integrate our insights.

The various projects that participants will be working on are an integral part of the learning and areas where these projects can be carried out include: aged care, special needs, education, refugees, aboriginal, environmental, cultural/arts and homeless.


Together with tutors and exemplars in society, participants will be developing the tools needed to foster and implement their social, cultural or environmental ideas in the world.

Beginning in March 2018 and finishing July 2018. Within the 2 terms students will study Moral Technologies and take part in the Moral technologies Conference in Melbourne. Look at Biodynamics and the environment, Social Initiatives including Alternate banking and community housing  and architecture projects. 

The lectures and projects give the participants a robust opportunity to create new project with world leaders in the field of Anthroposophical Banking, Moral Technologies, Eco & sustainable housing, and sustainable business as well as the opportunity to work out just how they can build a future in these practices. 

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