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The Parsifal Project: a year-long multimedia community project

Ink Pot Arts Inc is launching a new year-long performance-based initiative next month called The Parsifal Project. The multimedia year-long project is a contemporary envisioning of the famous medieval legend, one that aims to re-contextualise the Parsifal legend for a modern multicultural audience – and then stage it in 2023. 

The project will provide a significant contribution to our understanding of the Parsifal legend (foundational to Class 11 main lesson), especially for young and multicultural audiences and as a metaphor for modern soul development.

Jo-anne Sarre, artistic director of Ink Pot Arts, is directing the new project. She has worked at Mt Barker Steiner School teaching drama and supporting Steiner teachers in poetry recitation, storytelling, acting and directing as well as assisting in classrooms, directing plays etc with both primary and high school students for many years. Fiona Campbell is collaborating with Jo-anne on the initial stages, bringing her expertise on the subject to the project, having taught the subject as part of the evolution of consciousness subject unit for 15 years at Sydney Rudolf Steiner College.

The project would initially have Australia-wide outreach via Zoom but with the performative outcome scheduled for 2023 in the Mt Barker area, South Australia.

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The Parsifal Project: a multimedia community project