The Waldorf 100 Music Performance from the 2019 Youth Conference

During 2019 Australian Steiner schools and their communities joined the 100 Years of Steiner Education celebrations taking place across the world.

A major event in Australia was the 2019 Youth Conference, hosted by Samford Valley Steiner School in September. High school students from Steiner schools across Australia and New Zealand came together focussing on social renewal as its theme. Over 4 days, senior high school students explored pressing issues of our times. These included racism and prejudice; political, religious and economic division; world conflict; indigenous perspectives; minority groups; Australian and world-wide response to refugees; climate change and its impact on our environment; sustainability; education and imagining the future; the role of the Arts; money and ethical business.

Participating students, and students from school across the country, have been working with a wonderful music score, composed by Samford music teacher Dale Jones, to celebrate. The Waldorf 100 music performance was a highlight of the conference for the students and all involved. Please enjoy the film below of the music performance from the conference.