Trinity Gardens School: Class 6 Horse Trek


Trinity Gardens Steiner stream Class 6 students recently embarked on an adventure to the alpine region east of Mansfield, Victoria. This intrepid group spent five days riding through the bushland, up and down rolling hills and through beautiful valleys.

Students were required to learn riding techniques quickly as they were challenged by steep tracks and streams to cross. The staff were incredible with their kindness, patience, and instruction of the children in interacting with their horses.

Most important was the connection and bond the students made with their assigned horses – they learned to lead, brush, saddle and care for their horse for the duration of the adventure. They learned the quirks and minds of their horses, while also having to show who was in charge!

Each student had a lesson to learn on their journey – gaining confidence, patience, showing strength and adaptability, or even just learning to dodge hooves when leading and grooming!

It was an incredible experience for all involved, and all left with lifelong memories.