West Coast Steiner School: Candle Dipping

West Coast Steiner School: Candle Dipping


Like many Steiner schools around the globe, we at West Coast Steiner School had to approach our Winter Festival a little differently this year.

Our primary students completed several activities during the day including candle dipping. Each student created a candle with patience, practicality and reverence, which they took home in their Winter Festival packages to light for the solstice.

They each started with a wick which they dipped repeatedly in beeswax over the course of 50 minutes. They were very careful not to crack or break their precious candle during the process. The candle slowly became thicker and thicker with the bottom of the candle trimmed several times to create an even, stable base.

Our Woodwork Teacher, Yolanda and Class 4 Teacher, Renee both had memories of candle dipping in their primary years at Steiner schools and we were so happy to bring this tradition to our students.