West Coast Steiner School – Celtic Dance Festival

West Coast Steiner School Celtic Dance Festival

Class 2


Our Class Two began their year immersed in ‘Celtic Wonder Tales’. The children heard of Druids and Pookas, Celtic Goddesses and Gods and laughed at the misfortunes of the evil one-eyed Balor. Celtic myths strongly appeal to the feeling qualities of the Class Two child, the tales are magical and honourable as they revere in the forces of nature. The children could relate to the characters’ great respect for, and interest in, the natural world. As we were living in these Celtic tales, we began our preparations for the school’s annual Celtic Dance. 

The Celtic Dance Festival was a wonderful opportunity for the children to work diligently together as a class to create something wonderful to share with our community. The children were excited to learn a new dance each week as part of morning circle. In the weeks leading up to the festival they were listening carefully to the orchestra and being aware of one another in relation to the performance space. We explored how we could make our partners feel good while we were dancing, and had lots of fun rhythmically skipping and twirling our way through many sunny mornings.

What a pleasure it was to share in the joy and the sense of achievement among the Class Two children as they flooded back into the classroom after our performance. The nerves had melted away and the children were standing so tall, full of pride and with warmth towards one another.

The Class Two parents worked tirelessly to put on a truly magical event for the whle school community. We can all agree the food was delicious and the evening was one to remember. Many thanks to all the vibrant, proactive organisers and helpers involved in bringing our community together in such a joyous and nourishing way.

Holly Peterson

West Coast Steiner School Class 2 Teacher