West Coast Steiner School: Celtic Dance

West Coast Steiner School

Celtic Dance

Class 2 at West Coast Steiner School hold an annual Celtic Dance which has become a tradition over many years.  During Main Lesson time, Class 2 are immersed in the Celtic Myths and fables; they begin to play the Lyre, a traditional Celtic instrument; they learn and perform the play King of the Ireland’s Son; explore symmetry in their form drawings; while the Celtic dancing itself nourishes the physical needs of the Class 2 child – with its weaving patterns and need for co-operation.  This main lesson culminates with Class 2 performing several dances to begin the festival, accompanied by our school orchestra.

After the performance the whole community shares in Celtic inspired food (think Irish Stews and Brown Bread or Soda Bread) and dancing on the school oval with live music. This part of the evening is organised by the West Coast Steiner School’s Class 2 parent body.

As these beautiful photos show, this is an event that the wider West Coast Steiner School community all enjoy.

 “As the sun set over the oval the Class 2 parents, who were extremely organised and efficient, were sharing food, which was absolutely delicious and was in the true spirit of Ireland. The band played and the oval was filled with fun and laughter. It was a wonderful night, loved and enjoyed by all.”

Aimee Waller, Class 2 Teacher