West Coast Steiner School: Class 5 Craft

West Coast Steiner School – Class 5 Craft Project

Our Class 5 are all excited to be knitting (and purling) again!  

Class 5 last knitted in Class 2 and as they are so much older and have so many more skills, they are being challenged with new stitches, using thinner 8ply wool and 4mm needles which have sharper points. I am so proud of them all, with each new challenge the class has stepped up, exercising their critical thinking and problem solving, and practising until they are proficient.

One of our Class 5 craft projects is that students create their own beanies or socks, starting with preparing and hand dyeing a skein of 8 ply wool. In Term 1, we were very lucky to have Kathy Gass join Class 5 to share her knowledge of dying wool. From just the primary colours of red, yellow and blue the students dyed their wool, and have created skeins that are so beautiful and colourful, as well as unique for their project.

They will start with the Sampler, which requires the students to work six good rows in each of the eleven skills required for the later projects. For this they use the basket of hand dyed wool that has been gifted by past students of Class 5. As the Sampler is a practise piece, students are encouraged to see that making mistakes is part of the learning process and provides opportunities to learn.

When the students have completed the Sampler, their knitting skills are warmed up and they are ready to knit using a set of needles to create three dimensional projects. The first project is an owl, followed by the students’ choice of beanie or socks. Students are required to read and follow a pattern while recording their progress to encourage independent work.

Term 2 has seen the class starting their final project and we can’t wait to see more and more of our Class 5 students wearing their magnificent beanies in the playground!

Cheryl Kershaw

Class 5 Craft Teacher