Year 7-12 Little Yarra Steiner School students to perform in St Paul’s Cathedral

Year 7-12 Little Yarra Steiner School students to perform in St Paul’s Cathedral

Thursday, 14 March 2019

On Friday 5thApril, at 6.30pm, Little Yarra Steiner School students, teachers and guest performers will sing and play St John’s Passion by Johann Sebastian Bach at Melbourne’s St Paul’s Cathedral.

Each year, the high school students from Little Yarra Steiner School perform selected pieces from Bach’s St John Passion. St John Passion is a  choral work based on chapters 18 and 19 of the Gospel of John. The entire work is performed in German.

Music Coordinator Damien Callan said the students from the small country school in the Yarra Valley do an excellent and polished performance of this complex and difficult work, and most importantly, they love it.

“A positive culture has grown amongst the students over the past 14 years and students regularly return after completing their VCE studies to be part of the performance,” the Music Coordinator said.

“It started small with Year 11 and 12 students and teachers and has grown to a whole school involvement offering a gift to the community each year. students learn about giving to the community at Easter and the joy that comes with it.”

“We want to celebrate the centenary of Steiner Waldorf education in 2019 by sharing this gift with a wider audience. 130 high school students will travel down to Melbourne on Friday to rehearse and perform in St Pauls. The Gothic St Pauls Cathedral located in the heart of Melbourne is a wonderful venue for our students to present their work to the people of the City of Melbourne.”

“Bach spent 20 years refining this early Baroque work. Baroque is the music that teenagers would understand the least but St John Passion is somehow a bridge for students to enter into a deep experience of classical music.”

“Initially the students didn’t like it. It is a difficult work to master, but it’s grown over the years and each year the older students mentor the younger ones. It really brings them together.”

Rev. Lisa Devine, priest of The Christian Community will give an opening Easter address before the performance.

“Melbourne is known as Australia’s cultural capital offering a huge calendar of events. We want to give our country students a taste of the city and an experience that they will never forget. In return we believe we will offer the fruits of more than a decade’s work of musical effort by students and teachers at Little Yarra Steiner School”.

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