Towards Pedagogical Creativity

Towards Pedagogical Creativity Considerations and recommendations for Steiner teacher education   Compiled by the International Teacher Education Project in dialogue with teacher educators practising throughout the world. To purchase a copy of this book, please click on the link: Towards Pedagogical Creativity – Book purchase

Australian Graduate Outcomes Research Project Report

In 2020 SEA commissioned a Steiner graduate outcomes study through the University of the Sunshine Coast. This study aimed to investigate whether Steiner education has: Prepared graduates for an increasingly uncertain future Supported them to be imaginative, interested in their world and creative in their careers and personal lives. Influenced commitment to the environment, social […]

Bibliography of Australian Steiner Education Research 2018

Steiner Education Academic Research (Australian Research up to October 2018. NZ included 2008 to November 2018) 2. APPENDIX A – Gidley Bibliog 15.12.18 3. APPENDIX B – Raw Project Data 14 Dec 2018 3. APPENDIX B – Raw Project Data 14 Dec 2018