Australian Graduate Outcomes Research Project Report

In 2020 SEA commissioned a Steiner graduate outcomes study through the University of the Sunshine Coast. This study aimed to investigate whether Steiner education has:

  • Prepared graduates for an increasingly uncertain future
  • Supported them to be imaginative, interested in their world and creative in their careers and personal lives.
  • Influenced commitment to the environment, social justice matters and capacity to make ethical decisions

Additionally, the study investigated whether Steiner education alumni perceived Steiner education as an asset for their careers and relationships.

We are excited this research has been finalised and it is with pleasure I provide the full report.

We are grateful to Dr Bronwen Haralambous, and Dr Michael Carey for such a robust and inspiring report. In the words of Dr Haralambous and Dr Carey:

‘In the current climate where evidence based research is highly valued by educational authorities, funding agencies and policy makers, it is imperative not only to demonstrate that the Steiner school movement is undertaking graduate outcomes research but also to ensure that the quality of the research is robust in design and execution’.

‘We hope our research findings provide a valuable source of recommendations and quotes for SEA, educators, education directors, school boards and teachers in their negotiations with educational authorities, in their strategic planning, the implementation of teaching and learning programs and ongoing curriculum research. We also trust the research will stimulate collaboration with alumni and encourage their further active involvement with their school communities and wider Steiner communities’.

I highly recommend this report for schools and their communities. It is a firm foundation for ongoing Steiner graduate outcomes research in Australasia.

Dr Virginia Moller
Steiner Education Australia