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Newcastle Waldorf School began on a shoestring budget and through the dedication and creativity of the small school community is now a beautiful school expanding onto newly acquired property. We work with a holistic curriculum and healthy timetable. Our learning activities have structured rhythms which align with the growing child’s stage of development as indicated by Rudolf Steiner. The lessons create an atmosphere of connectedness with all spheres of life – spiritual, cultural, emotional, and practical – to foster Social Renewal.We have a commitment to introducing experiential learning, intellectual focus, and technologies in an age-appropriate manner with an understanding for the creative impulse that guides teachers.

We use Steiner’s indications to educate through images of the Good, the Beautiful, and the True, to nurture imaginative consciousness and support the development of individual potential, resilience, inner moral strength, and respect for diversity. We foster positive interactions between the students and the natural world through encouraging the use of natural and sustainable materials, regular explorations of the surrounding environment on excursions, and engaging with the wisdom of Indigenous cultures. Through our school culture we aspire to retain the freshness of human relationships with students, parents, carers, and families.

30-36 Reservoir Road, Glendale
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PHONE: 02 49544853

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