Steiner Education Foundation 2024 EOFY Appeal

Steiner Education - changing lives

We are delighted to introduce our inaugural appeal!


Our Mission

To enable more Australian children – regardless of location, socio-economic status and religion – to access a Steiner education.


Why support this appeal?

This is a time of great uncertainty – environmental, societal, political, economic and cultural

  • Declining educational standards
  • Student engagement and retention rates declining
  • Increased health issues especially the escalating rate of mental health issues
  • Division and disrespect within communities
  • Shortage of educators


Students thrive in a Steiner education

  • Positive correlation between student wellbeing, engagement and academic outcomes
  • A curriculum and learning approach that nurtures independent thinking, a strong sense of self, purpose and social responsibility
  • Capacity-driven to meet needs of future – creativity, flexibility, critical thinking, commitment, collaboration and communication
  • Human-based qualities fostered– empathy, compassion, tolerance and respect
  • Tried and tested globally


Steiner education provides the foundation for a meaningful life of character and contribution, and we invite you to join us in bringing this opportunity to thrive to more Australian children.

Your donation to the fund is tax deductible.

Contact the Steiner Education Foundation at [email protected]

Images courtesy Golden Hill Steiner School