Introductions and Topic Lists

Subject Introductions

These Subject Introductions give an indication of how the content is brought to students as they develop from Kindergarten to Year 10, in the context of the ACARA National Curriculum. They form a backdrop to the class curriculums, and should be read in conjunction with the Educational Foundations and Academic Alignment Paper, the Position Papers on Kindergarten, Stage 1 and 2 (Primary), and Stage 3 and 4 (High School).

Topic Lists

Year by year list of possible integrated Main Lesson topics.

 Topics List K–10Subjection Introduction
EnglishTopics ListIntroduction
MathematicsTopics ListIntroduction
ScienceTopics ListIntroduction
HaSS(Included in the HaSS Introduction)Introduction
PackagesTopics List K–10
All Subjects
Subject Introductions
All Subjects (zip)