Primary School Curriculum

It's good you're here
A day in a Steiner primary classroom begins with an individual welcome for each student expressed through a simple handshake or other warm greeting: the class teacher is a stable, continuing presence is the child’s life, and the mood is “It’s good you’re here!”, a positive affirmation of the child’s unique individuality.
Morning circle
The teacher gathers the class to begin the day with movement, singing, speech and a mindful moment.
Main Lesson
Main Lesson themes take the class through to morning break: for more details on this form of inspired learning that forms the core of the academic program in a Steiner school see the Main Lesson page.
Weekly Rhythm
Following the morning break, the class undertakes a series of shorter periods in the weekly rhythm of learning in specialist lessons covering all subjects of the Australian Steiner Curriculum Framework.
The day ends with a farewell for each student as they leave for home after a day of rich, arts-integrated learning.
Seasonal, local and cultural festivals
The school year is punctuated with seasonal, local and cultural festivals which provide meaning, colour and variety to the students’ experience of the turning year. First Nations content and perspectives may be integrated through local elders, stories and site visits.
Outdoor education, concerts, exhibitions and class plays
Regular age-appropriate outdoor education gives students immersive hiking and camping opportunities in wilderness settings. Concerts, exhibitions and a class play related to curriculum content may be performed each year. It’s a year of rich, fulfilled learning.